Chinese Website Translation Services
Chinese Website Translation Services
The new age of globalization and global revolution has given rise to new trends in the expansion strategies of businesses. Few decades ago, a company could only expand beyond its current city but the technological revolution has opened doors for businesses that were not possible back then. Today, companies are reaching out to international audience by using the power of internet and translation services.
The translation of websites is a tough and tedious task performed only by technical and professional translation experts who understand the nuances of the whole process. This is why it is so important—and so easy with us!
Why You Need Website Translation Services?
Gone are the days when customers only purchased from the stores and shops near their residences. The internet has opened doors for the commerce sector not deemed possible a few decades back. Today, websites have become the main, if not the most beneficial, means of communicating with international audience. But this translation is not as easy as it seems.
The translation of websites need to be handled by expert and professional website translators and linguists who are adept at translation of website content, text and features. A translated website can not only be a means of communication between the company and customers, it can be a source of brand awareness and brand enhancement for a company, proving to be the ultimate tool for revenue generation.
We Localize in 120+ Languages

We provides localization solutions in more than 120 languages in order to enable you to achieve international sales and brand recognition in any region, country, or language of your choice, at cost effective rates, high quality and minimal time.

WordPress Website Translation Services offers a comprehensive and professional WordPress translation solution to cater to all website translation needs of businesses. The WordPress translation used by our expert translators ensures all your website content is translated effortlessly and seamlessly within minutes—in multiple languages.

Accelerate your translation process with our WordPress website translation services designed to give your websites a multilingual edge in the age of website revolution. Collaborate and communicate across boundaries in more than 120 languages for a hassle-free transition into the global world and make the desired impact on international website users without any language barriers in between—it is easy and quick!

Website Translation with Magento Extension integrates with E-commerce platform such as Magento in order to localize and translate E-commerce websites. While it is true that Magento has made it easy for users to reach a global audience through integration with mega commerce channels such as eBay an Amazon, it is critical to translate Magento to take full advantage of the E-commerce business.

The expert and professional translators of can translate and customize the parts of the store that you want to get translated. You don’t need to export and import CSV files as selection and publishing of content is done directly in your Magento Admin. Furthermore, our flexible UI makes it easy for the customers and companies to submit files for translations that will be returned to them before the due date.

Website Translation with API Integration
Employ Cloud Translation APIs to send content for translation, obtain price quotes, assess project progress as well as reveal the translated results in a short time. Our translation APIs can easily and seamlessly integrate with websites as well as CMS to automate human translations of digital data and content on a continuous basis.
Not only can global enterprises and businesses take advantage of our real-time translation APIs to translate and update websites in over 120 global languages, they can also use our professional services to deliver world-class translated websites for customer support, international brand impact and revenue generation.
On-Demand Website Translation Services
Gain a competitive edge in the international community with customized and translated website content. Our professional website translators understand that when translating a website, not one size fits all, which is why our website translation services are tailored to fit the needs of the customers.
If your websites contain icons, features, text or content that you find difficult to get translated in another language, chances are you have not searched for a translation partner carefully. Our professional website translators can handle all your website content, delivering you precise, accurate and efficient translated website, irrespective of the due date and demanded language.

Open Gateways to International Success

Leverage your business growth with our professional localization solution

Difference between Localization and Translation
When a company decides to step into the international stage, the two words that it most commonly encounters are localization and translation. These two terms are used so interchangeably that it is difficult to distinguish between them. However, a business manager should clearly know the difference between the two in order to gain maximum benefit from them:
Translation means changing the meaning of a word by switching from one language to another. The focus is more on the language as it conveys the exact possible meaning in another language. Localization, on the other hand adapts the online content and organizes it according to target region’s culture, norms and preferences.
The process of translation is neutral to cultural differences whereas localization takes into account the different cultural contexts of target country or region.
Translation is more appropriate for simple subjects whereas localization is required for creative content in order for it to clearly resonate across countries and regions.
Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

With as your translation partner, your access to international website audience is guaranteed. We ensure you gain the maximum benefits of going global with your translated websites that resonates and connects to international customers on a professional and personal level.

Don’t stay behind in the race for international revenues. Contact us now and make your websites global.

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Our Best Features

A translation company’s worth is judged by the quality of translation projects that it delivers. This is why our expert translators focus on delivering quality website translation services that leave no room for doubt. Our ISO 9001: 2008 certification and quality control standards are a testament of our professional translations to ensure your websites give the maximum impact in international markets.

Ensure a seamless and professional translation support with the help of our highly skilled and professional account managers who are not only adept in project management, but also take special care to handle your projects, they also assign them to concerned linguists and ensure you get the translated website on time.

Guarantee a professional and hassle-free translation of your websites with our affordable and efficient translation rates starting from as low as $0.04 for standard files.

We ensure your websites can go global without any affordability issues so as to give maximum impact to international audience without being a burden on your pocket.

Avail the best and professional website translation solution with our comprehensive translation support in more than 120 global languages and 260 language pairs.

We make sure you don’t miss any region or language in your quest for a profitable and impactful website content, guaranteeing a robust support for all website content.

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