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As the world moves towards a global revolution, videos are seen as one of the major things to get global fame and growth. The rise of video making and dissemination has reached to such huge proportions that approximately one-third of online activity is now spent watching videos. No wonder companies and marketers across the world are seeking ways to increase their videos exposure globally.

At, we make sure your videos reach international audience with our professional and expert video translation services. With over 6000 translators and expert linguists, our video translation services are designed to cater to all segments of industries, irrespective of nature of business or geographical region.

What is Video Transcription?
When a video is uploaded by a company or firm, chances are that the video makers have international audience in mind. However, to make these videos accessible—and understandable for this global audience, it is necessary to translate it into the language of its viewer—a task done best by professional linguists of


Video transcription will work wonders for you—if it is done right. Video transcription, at its most basic level, is the process of translating video audio into text. This can be done with the help of a speech recognition software or by employing a native transcriber. The transcription process, in the short and long run, is a sure way to boost your company’s SEO, user experience and revenues, resulting in greater ROI and ultimately, more sales for a greater global success and acclaim.  
Our Video Translation Services

We provide Video translation solutions in more than 120 languages in order to enable you to achieve international sales and brand recognition in any region, country, or the language of your choice, at cost-effective rates, high quality and minimal time.

Subtitling Translation Services

Did you know that about 72 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute? Of course, these videos are accessed and played by millions of online viewers as they are uploaded. This means that translating subtitles and videos for the international audience is not just a choice but a necessity!

At, our professional video subtitling services enable you to make your videos accessible globally, with subtitles in over 120 global languages. With our advanced and professional subtitling translation services, we ensure that your video content reaches your target market in a language they can easily comprehend and relate to.

Video Transcription Services

The translation of videos for international audience is not an easy job. It requires more than the help of professional linguists and video translation experts for a quick and accurate translation service. At, we understand the complexities of the video translation process, which is why our professional team of video transcribers first take the original video, creating an electronic version of the spoken elements, and then proceed to translate them in other languages.

The process of video transcription is handled by expert transcribers who are not only adept in handling videos in over 120 global languages, they also know how to proceed a step further to ensure global access of your videos.

Voice-over Translation Services
The spread and reach of videos has grown to such proportions that companies across the world are using the power of videos to disseminate their services to international markets. In fact, according to Cisco (via Forbes), by 2021, a million minutes of video content will cross global IP networks every minute. This means millions of opportunities for companies every minute!

With video translation comes voice-over translation services at which our video translators are expert at. Our professional voice-over translation services are delivered by expert linguists who are native speakers of your target language and can accurately match the style, tone and speed of the native language. We ensure your videos engage your target audience for a multiplied access and global growth.

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With as your translation partner, your access to international website audience is guaranteed. We ensure you gain the maximum benefits of going global with your translated websites that resonates and connects to international customers on a professional and personal level.

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Why Choose Us?

At, we believe in delivering professional and expert video translation and transcription services. In doing so, we ensure all the content is translated with utmost precision and accuracy, in order to make your videos accessible to global audience for multiple revenues and sales.

When it comes to delivering translation and transcription services, we understand that it can be costly and expensive for many clients. This is the reason our video translation services are one of the most affordable ones in translation marketplace, with standard rates starting from as low as $0.04. Not only that, our rates are free of any hidden or expert fees for a seamless and professional global experience.

Language is no barrier when it comes to globalization. With the rise in video making and views, it is no surprise that many companies are jumping on the bandwagon to stay updated on the latest video making trends. According to Statista, Saudi Arabia has the highest daily online video access, with almost 98% of online video penetration among the general public.

At, Arabic language is not the only language that videos are translated and subtitled into. Our robust and comprehensive translation solution includes video translation services in more than 120 global languages for lending an efficient and professional approach to globalization for companies globally.

Globalization is more than just global progress and acclaim. It comes with its own set of challenges and hurdles that are not only hard to deal with, but often present companies with difficulties that can only be solved with the help of a professional and reliable translation partner.

We, at are well-aware of the challenges companies face when they go global, which is why our comprehensive and professional translation and localization solutions cater to all segments of business. Whether you belong to a medical institute, or are a part of an engineering firm, our translation solutions will leave no stone unturned in ensuring your videos and content reaches your target audience without any hassle.