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The video game market is a huge one, with many international players vying for a top spot. To be able to stay on top of the game, however, video game producing companies have to rely on translation and localization industries which would make the whole adaptation process an easy one.
When it comes to localization of games, adapting them according to the choices and preferences of the target market is a necessity, not to mention language adaptation. We, at, have just the right type of video game localization to propel you on the global stage, with quality standards and a cadre of localization experts.
Why You Need Game Localization Services?
The popularity that games enjoy transcend gender, age, geographical regions, boundaries, and ultimately, language. This is the reason game developers across the world rely on game localization companies for delivering them the global edge.


Among other benefits of game localization, the most important one is the rise in global sales when your games are localized to fit the needs of the target market. The high sales of games ultimately pave the way for global revenues. Your localized games will not only be recognized globally, they would also be purchased by the game players across the world.
Our Game Localization Services

We provides localization solutions in more than 120 languages in order to enable you to achieve international sales and brand recognition in any region, country, or language of your choice, at cost effective rates, high quality and minimal time.

Video Game Voice-over Services

At, we have devised a seamless and professional way of dealing with localization services when it comes to video game localization. Our game localization experts can localize your video games in over 120 different languages along with delivering voice-over services of the audio content.

We ensure your games reach the target game players efficiently and expertly with our voice-over services for video games. Besides accurately and professionally translating as well as localizing the transcribed video games, we make sure that the right localization expert deals with the right video game with the right voice for each character of your video game.

Game User Interface Localization

The games market is one of the largest and most lucrative markets of the world with millions of customers worldwide that are growing with the advancement in technology. The popularity of these game apps rely on the user interfaces designed by the game developers, which is why these game developers rely on game localization experts for delivering them the localized versions of their game interfaces.

We, at, ensure your game UI are localized according to the needs and preferences of the target game communities. Our localized game user interfaces are designed to keep the original content and features of the games intact so as to deliver the right game experience to players irrespective of the language and region.

Video Game User Manual Localization

When delivering game localization services, one of the most important things that game localization experts ensure to deliver are the game user manuals. These game user manuals are more than just instructions for game playing, as they contain the complete set of features and details of the games.

The localization experts of understand the need of localizing and translating the game user manuals, which is why they make sure to deliver the translated and localized manuals in target language in order to make your games the ideal choice of millions of game players globally. We make sure your games beat the international competition with localized and translated game user manuals and content.
Multilingual Game Testing

At, game localization and translation are not the only services our localization experts are adept at. After the games are localized, they undergo an extensive testing process for ensuring the right quality is delivered to the game players globally. We understand that quality assurance is a critical component in game localization process.

At, we provide game testing services straight from experienced game testers in over 120 languages for ensuring the right linguistic context, functionality and game quality. Not only that, our game localization experts offer a double quality check and all localized game content is carefully reviewed and assessed to ensure your games are up to the mark in the global games market.
Multimedia Localization Services

The multimedia content of the games is perhaps one of the most important part of the game localization process. At, our game localization experts are adept at handling not only the games interfaces and manuals, they are equally professional when it comes to delivering the multimedia localization services associated with games.

We provide supplementary services in over 120 global languages for all media related content such as voice effects and modulation, audio processing and editing, subtitle insertion, flash integration, audio recording and editing, and cultural review and adaptation. This is why our holistic approach to multimedia handling of the games guarantee a seamless and error-free games localization experience for our game players globally.

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We Have 6000+ Native Translators
When it comes to delivering translation and localization services, the localization experts and linguists are the main indicators of the quality., which was founded 17 years ago on the principles of delivering quality and efficiency in localization industry has a cadre of 6000+ native translators and linguists stationed in over 100 countries for ensuring no industry or language is left out of the global revolution experience.
By having such a large number of native translators in its folds, makes sure your games, documents, websites and software are localized and translated expertly and professionally in over 120 global languages and 260 language pairs for a professional transition in the global world.n support for your global expansion needs without worrying about the quality of your apps so you can grab international sales and revenues.
About Our Translation Company is a localization and translation agency established almost 2 decades ago for delivering localization and translation solutions to companies and businesses worldwide, irrespective of the nature of business and language. This is why, over the years, we have expanded our localization and translation services to multiple continents and countries, covering translations in over 120 global languages and 260 language pairs.

Backed by ISO 9001:2008 certifications, our quality assurance checks and assessments ensure all companies’ projects are handled with utmost precision and accuracy in order to deliver the global experience our valued clients seek. Companies and businesses across the world rely on for their localization projects and we make sure they make a mark in the global world for international revenues and global recognition.

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