Why You Must Translate Your Website Into Multiple Languages?

Digital media has enveloped the entire social, economic, and political fabric of the business world. You cannot survive in this fast-paced global world without having a robust digital presence in your organization. And, that is just the first step. The next stride every firm endeavors to strive towards is to expand their business. Expansion usually starts from your local markets, and then to try to enter other foreign markets. But in order to penetrate foreign markets, there is one big hurdle that you need to cross, and that is the language barrier.

Importance of Website Translation

Your digital presence, or your website, is the spokesperson for your organization. Whether an individual remains a potential consumer or eventually becomes a client, depends entirely upon the quality of your website, and how effectively it is able to communicate your message. The impression of your company will be created vis-a-vis your website, so ensuring that you make the best impression possible is the one aspect that you cannot compromise on. 

Now imagine how would you feel if the customer is not even able to understand the message you are sending, just because of the language barrier. Therefore, it’s imperative to make your website multilingual. However, in order to do that, you need to take assistance from a professional translation agency that can help you achieve the goal of successful penetration of a foreign market. 

In this article, we will cover some of the essential factors that expound upon the reasons why you must translate your website into multiple languages.

Reaching Broader Target Audience

One of the biggest advantages of creating a website with multiple languages is that it will enable you to reach a broader world audience. Your business cannot expand until more people know about it. And what could be  better than informing them through an online platform that shows them the content in their native language.

Multilingual Website is a Key to Go Global

Another important thing to consider here is that many people often make the mistake of assuming that creating a website in the English language alone is sufficient and will do the job. This concept could not be more wrong. If you look at some of the statistics available, you will be amazed to find that only 27% of the people who surf the internet have English as their native language. Whereas, the rest of the 73% of users are native to various other languages. 

This is a huge untapped market. But you have to offer your services in their native language in order to cater to their needs. By enabling your website to be multilingual, you will create a new market that probably will have a higher population percentage. Hence, ameliorating your overall sales and net profits. 


  • Increasing Conversion Rates  

Recent studies conducted by CSA show that internet users prefer to look into a website or a particular business offering in their native language. Proving that websites that are not in the native language of the consumers have a higher bounce rate. 

People do not trust them enough to give their attention. And this trust deficit is initiated not because they are biased against a particular website, but rather because they do not understand what they might be getting into. So, this proves that trust is built upon understanding the language of the consumer. If you built a multilingual website, it makes the potential customer your client and increases the conversion rate. 

Website in Native Language Adds to Credibility 

A customer is very cautious when it comes to trusting online platforms and websites. They tend to avoid digital mediums that they do not understand. Given the prevalent situation in terms of online frauds, cyber-attacks, and hacking, how could you blame the customer? All you can do is bridge the trust deficit by creating a multilingual website, where the information is given in the native language of the customers. So that they might show interest in an organization that has taken the step to make the purchasing process fully comprehensible. 


  • Brand Recognition Increases Brand Value

Just take a moment out of your hectic schedule and search on the internet for the net worth of Amazon. You will be amazed to know that currently, the company holds a valuation of approximately $1.7 trillion. So the next question is that does Amazon have $1.7 trillion in its bank account.?

The answer is, absolutely no. It’s actually the value of Amazons’ share in the stock market and has nothing to do with actual cash.   

So how is this example relevant to the topic of this article? 

Well, the point under discussion is that the valuation of an organization is directly proportional to the Brand value or brand recognition of that firm. If your brand is recognized by the general public around the world, it will eventually increase your net worth as well. But the real question over here is how to increase your brand recognition?

Attract More Clients with Translated Website

In order to enhance your company’s exposure, you need to offer your services in foreign markets. And that can only be possible if you attract the attention of that particular target market. And in order to attract them, you have to communicate your proposition in a language that is understood by the consumers. Once you do that, it will eventually ameliorate your brand’s awareness. People will start to position your company with the products and services you are offering. And doing so will create your own market presence.

Coming back to the example of Amazon mentioned earlier, this is what Jeff Bezos has been able to do. He has created a platform for the world, where different communities come together and do business with each other, without any hindrance caused by the language barriers. 


  • Creating Point of Differences

Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks and creating something that assists you to stand out from the crowd. But in order to do that, you need to create your point of difference. 

Currently, the world is shackled in precarious economic turmoil amid the COVID pandemic. Businesses are not flourishing, due to restrictions caused by lockdowns. Thereby, organizations are attempting to strengthen their online presence, since that is the only feasible way to go for now. 

Stand out of The Competition

Businesses have to be creative in order to survive. And the best way is to create multilingual websites. It will not only help you to boost your trade with multiple markets but will also buttress you to stand out from the crowd. And that will enable your point of difference. Once you create that you will be able to position your brand in the minds of the consumer as customer and quality-centric.


Necessity is the mother of invention’. And in today’s global e-commercial landscape, creating a multilingual website has almost become a necessity.

You cannot survive and sustain your business without creating a robust online platform. Moreover, that platform has to be buttressed by multiple languages. We live in a global village, where the diversity in language, culture, traditions, and religion is profound. In order to communicate and effectively convey what your organization is all about plus what your business proposition is, you have to be able to make sure that the consumer first understands. And once he understands, he will definitely trust your company. And that is what it’s all about. 

From the organization’s perspective, creating a website in multiple languages helps the company to reach a broader audience, create competitive advantages, ameliorate brand value, and ultimately increase conversion rate. 

Though it may seem to be a daunting task, you can hire professional translation services to assist you along your journey. And surely their help will make your path a lot easier.

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