Sworn Translation Services | Why Do You Need Them?

Legal, certified, or sworn translations, which one is the best translation service to acquire for your important translation documents?

This is an important question to ask when you have a lot of translation solutions available. The demand for sworn translation services is continuously increasing due to globalization. For businesses and organizations, it has become significant to adapt their textual documents to the legal intricacies of a foreign country. For this purpose, you must hire a reliable translation agency that is familiar with the legislation of your target country and provide the best translation solutions. 

From international trading to migration documentation, the use of sworn translation services is becoming increasingly popular. This blog post discusses the significance and use of sworn certified translation and why you need it. If you want to translate your documents and don’t know whether the sworn translation is the best fit, read this article till the end. 

What are Sworn Translation Services?

Sworn translations, also known as oath translation or court translation, is a certified and true copy of the original text. It is an authorized translation solution that is used to translate a legal document. Sworn translation providers translate the documents, such as immigration forms, birth certificates, academic documents, and other official documents. 

These translations are typically used when you have to provide any official documentation to a foreign country. For instance, if you are an Indonesian and have to send important legal documents to the Australian government, you would need an expert who you can trust with this kind of translation. In sworn translation solutions, your documents are translated into the official language of another country considering all technical and legal requirements. For this, you must hire someone who ensures accuracy, quality, and high legal value. 

Significance of Sworn Translation 

The increasing migration, tourism, and internationalization lead to increased demand for professional sworn document translations. Based on the current law policies and legal procedures in every country, you have to adapt your official documents accordingly. Whether you want to apply to a university in a foreign country, or plan a family trip, you would need sworn translations to keep the legal procedures hassle-free and easier.

Your sworn translation service provider understands the legal requirements of every country. It helps you get away with legal documentation with 100% accurate legal copies of your original documents. 

Moreover, your professional sworn translator not just takes care of your International legal representation, but also takes the responsibility for the quality and accuracy. He uses his signature that shows the authority and reliability of the translations.

Role of Sworn Translators

The person who provides sworn translation should have the technical and legal expertise to translate sensitive information without altering the legal value of the original document. For the sworn documentation, you must hire someone with good experience in affidavit translation within your targeted niche. 

Sworn translators use their signature and seal on the translated documents. The legal translator takes complete responsibility for the accuracy and clarity of all translated documents. The sensitive nature of legal documents makes the sworn translation process a bit complex compared to other conventional translations. 

To be a certified professional sworn service provider, the translator has sworn in front of the court. The stamp of the translator, which he puts on the documents after the completion of a sworn translation, adds legal authority to the translations. So, it is important for your sworn English translation provider to have legal and linguistic expertise to provide error-free translation services.

These three terminologies might seem identical but there is a huge difference. Sworn, legal and certified translation services are the translation services and you better know the difference before choosing one.

This is a type of translation service that provides professional legal translation to law firms, organizations, and individuals. The professional translators are well-versed with all legal terminologies, practices, and requirements of other countries, for which the translation is to be produced. Legal translation providers have the legal expertise and law understanding to create translations with accuracy that are recognized by legal authorities.

Certified Translations 

The purpose of a certified translation service agency is to provide high-quality and accurate translations to its clients. These translations can be related to any niche or field. The translation agency, which you have hired, should have the certification to provide professional evidence translation. Just like legal translations, certified translations also have to follow all the legal procedures. To get certified translations, you should hire certified translators with relevant experience in the field. 

Sworn Translation

This translation might seem very much similar to the above translation services, though sworn notarized translation services go one step ahead of the legal and certified translations. Sworn translation solutions are provided by linguists with specialized legal authorities. As these translators had sworn in court, the translations have more value in the eyes of the law. Sworn translators make sure that the translated text has the same legal value and identity as the original document. Moreover, translators also provide their signatures on completed documents as a guarantee of accuracy. 

Now, as you know the difference between these three types of translations. You can better decide which one is more suitable for your documents. 

Why do you need Sworn Translation Services?

A company or an individual would need a sworn translation solution to translate legal documents for another country that speaks a different language and follow different legal requirements and procedures. In the sworn translation procedures, not just the terminologies of your document’s chances but it undergoes an overall legal adoption and transformation.

Moreover, some legal authorities and municipalities only accept the documents in specific formats that only sworn translation can provide you. The main purpose of these services is to make your documents valid internationally. 

You might not need a sworn translation for all types of documentation. Some of the major examples of documentation that need a sworn translation solution are notary contracts, civil certificates, administrative documents, academic reports, migrations documents, diplomas, etc. 

Finding the Right Translation Agency

You must choose a trusted and reliable agency to handle your legal document translations. There are many sworn translation agencies out there that provide high-quality legal translation services for various language pairs. You should consider a lot of aspects while choosing the perfect sworn translation service provider to fulfill your translation needs. 

Confidentiality of your translation documents is the most important thing to consider. Make sure your agency is trustworthy and has a good reputation in the market. Your legal data should be in good hands to avoid any inconvenience or data breaches in the future. 

You can check the previous records of your translation agency to get an idea about their market reputation. You can check Google reviews, or visit their social media pages to see their activities. It would also allow you to know what sort of queries and complaints the customers of your agency have in general. 


The translation industry is expanding so quickly and there are a lot of translation options available out there that can create confusion. Without having the right knowledge, you can’t really tell which translation services can best meet your needs.

This article has provided enough information for you to choose the best translation services to fulfill your needs. In case you are still not sure if the sworn translation is your ideal solution to match your translation requirements, you can ask your translation partner to get expert advice on this matter. 

Choosing the right sworn statement translation solution is also significant for the successful completion of the legal translation procedures. Moreover, knowing the customer satisfaction rate would also allow you to choose a credible sworn certified translation provider

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