Everything You Need to Know about PEO in China

The world of today is a competitive marketplace with loads of challenges and opportunities for businesses. One of the challenges these businesses routinely face is that of employee hiring and recruitment, and not all companies have the time and resources to go through the rigorous hiring process. This is where PEO comes in.

Professional Employer Organization, also known as Foreign Enterprise Service Company (FESCO) in China, is a third-party local business that provides HR services to another business and is usually a medium-sized enterprise, providing access to affordable HR services to other companies. The PEO is responsible for the execution of all legal and regulatory requirements of payroll, immigration, staff recruiting, and training, as well as routine activities related to employee recruitment.

Since PEO deals with all the administrative tasks such as recruiting employees, the company is able to focus on work performance for providing better results in a short time. Companies prefer to use PEOs due to its excellent work of resolving the regular based issues and because it’s cheaper with regards to recruiting employees in a remote location.

All the states, especially China and some provinces have their own exclusive work permit, employment, and payroll conditions for non-resident businesses. Fulfilling those requirements can be a problem when it comes to expanding businesses internationally. However, for certain enterprises that are just trying to enter a fresh market and are comprised of limited Human Resources, a PEO is the most feasible decision.

PEO’s functions

In short, a PEO is actually a legal body that;

  • Manages all work permits and visa requirements for workers, therefore eliminating all sorts of denials and delays. 
  • Proposes a registered body that controls an amenable and local payroll in a province, region, or state.
  •  Abides by all the laws of the region, host state, or country, concerning the national contracts as well as employee protections.
  • Guides the company of the client according to the terms and conditions of the suitable notice durations, termination rules, and also severance payments. 

Professional Employer Organization in China

It is said that the average time required to create even a representative office in China is between 4 to 6 months. Although the strong economic growth in China attracts a large number of foreign investors to China, these companies often overlook the fact that the administrative and legal process required in setting up a business in China is a rigorous one. The Chinese business landscape has a lot to offer in terms of challenges and opportunities. This is the reason Chinese companies go for employing foreign-based organization for hiring and recruiting of employees. 

There is a dire need for employing local people in China owing to linguistic and trade barriers. According to China’s labor dispatch laws presented by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS), these foreign-invested companies face countless challenges while appointing a native workforce in China. A local PEO is able to overcome these challenges, given that they are licensed to employ employees for host firms. Not only that, PEO companies hold the experience, credibility, and market that a freshly entered foreign company in China will never have.

For simply understanding the staff leasing procedures in China, a more practical way should be discovered for learning about the expertise of a PEO which is also familiar with the local labor guidelines for saving time in launching a business in China. 

Professional Employer Organization—an Overview

Professional Employer Organizations have evolved and expanded with time. The customary multi-year foreign deployment has gradually transformed into smaller, more resourceful projects that incorporate one or more provinces/countries/states in a single year.

This fresh trend has buried the concept of ” Do It Yourself (DIY)” of entering into any market and has also boosted up the demand for national deployment alternatives to grow. The majority of firms now prefer options such as appointing immigration specialists, payroll outsourcing and discovering local business companions to alleviate burdens on their resources. Nevertheless, a proper solution is yet required for building up a single source service that is able to deal with all the native employment chores.

Global Employment Organization (GEO) takes care of the modern demands, making it possible for corporations to promptly enter a new market and appoint workforces lawfully and efficiently.

Benefits of using (PEO) in China

There are numerous different advantages of PEO for any company using the Professional Employer Organization in tandem with the GEO services. In the majority of cases, the PEO draws the utmost advantages while doing business in a country where the complexity, expense, and conformity risk of home services are too costly.

  •  No Need for Local Integration

When a firm goes for the (DIY) approach, its local body needs to be registered and legalized. This is usually expensive and time-consuming as well.

The good news is that PEO is already based on a legitimately operational entity. This is why it is able to easily deal with all the payrolls, employment, and immigration problems in the host region legally.  

  • Compliance with Immigration Laws

Immigration policies and laws in several countries keep changing and the inquiry conducted by the foreign governments, especially when issuing work permits and visas are on the rise. 

Therefore, countless companies go for a GEO remedy presented by a local PEO. By using PEO, the Staff on working on a project can be lawfully certified to perform its duty in the host region or state. PEO takes care of all the work permit requirements, preventing any issues, and unnecessary inquiry from taking place from the immigration sector.

  • Operating a Local payroll in the host country:

A large number of regions, states, and countries need a corporation consisting of workers on assignment to run their payroll in tandem with local standards by using a registered body. 

The main quality of operating a local payroll is the retention and computation of statutory deductions from the pay, with allowances like health insurance, taxes, and pensions. PEO implements all significant details, analyzes that the payroll is updated and remains compliant for each deployed worker.

The Future of PEO

Advantages of using a PEO for global and regional organizations become obvious when a firm analyzes the cost and time spent in a (DIY) style. PEO provides a layer of lawful protection for any company, by taking accountability of most parts required for deploying employees in some other region. Undoubtedly the future of the Professional Employer Organization is very bright, as more and more states regions and countries are revising their local terms and conditions on immigration and employment, to restrain loss and abuses of revenue related to tax returns.  Companies should find a way of dealing with this barrier of conducting business in foreign countries. Therefore, PEO is becoming a significant approach for recruiting both local citizens and expats.

The Last Word

By employing the services of a reliable and professional PEO, companies can be relieved of the tremendous administrative and legal burdens of doing business in other countries, especially China. Likewise, companies seeking to expand their presence in China can benefit by hiring a PEO to do the job. However, many complications still occur, such as obtaining work visas or residence permits. As Chinese immigration laws are subject to revision and change every year, a PEO knows how to get the hiring process going, and is the best choice for countries where the business landscape is a tough one.

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