How to Maximize Translation ROI for Your E-Commerce Store

You need facts to work in the optimal way to get a high ROI. It’s all about the bottom line after all. A common measurement that every business wants is Return on Investment. Businesses put the best of their efforts, involves all of their assets, and many attempts to go global for the very purpose of earning profit. 

Particularly, for businesses like e-commerce, the sales potential increases exponentially by following a multilingual approach. Translating your e-store can expand your reach by breaking the language and cultural barriers. For instance, if you want to tap into the Chinese market, you need to hire professional Chinese e-commerce translation services.

In order to improve your translation ROI and become a globally recognized name, you need to keep some factors in mind. Take a quick look at the three major components that can effectively maximize your translation ROI.

  1. Clean source
  2. A baseline guide
  3. Manage the system (workflow, technology, and vendors)

Simple and Clutter-free Source Content

Does a complex source matter? Sometimes it does, but it depends on your source of translation as well. Human translators understand the references, tones and cultural expressions whilst automated translation lacks the understanding of such crucial factors.

You have to pay once for a good automated translation tool, long term investments sound plausible, but with human translators, you pay them constantly with every work done. To cater to the accurate translation for every project is important, that is why you pay such a price for human translators.

Targeting a global audience will boost the localization (if done correctly) and increase your ROI by 15% (according to SDL).

Help the translators to provide you with seamless and effective translation by preparing clean and simple source content for them. Bring new ideas, creativity, and originality for the brand and product lines. This will help to target the right audience. Avoiding jargon is for the best and the simpler the content is the better it will reach the audience.

  • Using translation memory to maintain consistency is important too. So yes using such tools is imperative.
  • Content that comes with safety precautions requires technical skills on the writer’s part. For instance, a product description will need simplified content, avoid using any technical words that the reader may skip altogether.
  • The use of images is catchy, but the more you use the images and graphics, localization will become time-consuming. Website text should be easy to edit in multilanguage when configuring CMS.

As a result, it suffices to say a simple content works, minimum resources are required, it’s cheaper, and shows consistent quality too.

Track the Translation Impact

Justifying the expense in the translation process can be tricky if you do not keep track of all elements involved. The impact of translation is similar to being global. You need to maintain the budget in both cases. But how will you know you made a good decision? Translation will have the desired effect on the audience and boost a sale, that’s how.

Keeping this point in mind, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are helpful to produce maximum within the minimum budget and answers your queries like:

  • Is localization enough to increase sales?
  • How can we reduce input but earn maximum output?
  • Or how many customers will come to us?

And so on the questions will continue to rise. Keep track of sales, products, and packages. This is the basic step. For eCommerce, it’s a MUST to create a multilingual site to ensure high traffic from different regions. Will this attract non-English speakers? Yes, of course! If your website supports different languages, customers from different geographical regions will come by.

To increase the conversion rate, keep healthy maintenance of the shipments and deliveries, and orders in process. This is the best way to ensure that you are targeting the right customer.

Of course, this way will automatically be able to generate a list of new visitors per hour. Using multilingual keywords will have the desired effect too; this way a native can search for the product. The website’s visibility will be strong.

Before going for the second round of translation, give ample time to make the first performance with the localization content. Keep track of the translation, monitor the results, and make changes to your action plan accordingly to acquire your business goals.

Manage Systems and Streamline Workflows

With a lower cost of translation, you can still increase the conversion rate, generate traffic and sales. But to do so, you need to maintain your workflow and processing too alongside the translation.

Using the right technique is important

  • You may adapt some parts of the text according to the market niche. It will improve the product pages, and convince the visitor to buy. Also making navigation easier is the key to increase sales. Navigation with the right content is like following the breadcrumbs. Customer will easily find the desired product and is most likely to purchase.
  • Using SEO friendly titles for products is another trick. This will help increase the page rank on search engines making it easier to find suggestions also.

Improve your translation management

  • A good TMS lets you work more efficiently and yields high-quality output. One of the key benefits is to access the network of professional translators, keep track of projects, costs, or any required updates.
  • For an eCommerce site, this tool acts as a facilitator; you can also connect with other language experts and expand your source pool too. The result? Greater translation ROI.
  • Every page can be produced in hundreds of languages which can make localization more complex. Automate the much-needed process but do not rely on it alone.

How Chinese Translation Services Can Help You with E-commerce Translation

With a team of native translators and localization experts, we, at Chinese Translation Services  help you build a personalized relation with current and potential customers by localizing your online business. Your online store translation is made easy with our Magento plugin and we are here to provide you with fast and reliable results at affordable results. Get in touch for more details.

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