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With the advent and growth of technology, certain benefits have come to light, both from the perspectives of developers and users. A company’s software can be a source of opening potentially unlimited global markets and avenues. This is due to the vast popularity that these software will hold in all regions—if they are localized accurately.

At, our professional software localization experts ensure your software are adapted to fit the needs of the target market accurately to fit the cultural and design needs of the target market. A localized software means greater appeal for your software which will ultimately result in greater software sales and more revenue from global users.

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Why You Need Software Localization Services?

Software localization is more than just the adaptation of software into other languages. A software that has been localized without keeping in mind the target culture but has been translated into that language cannot be termed as a ‘localized’ software. It will just be a multilingual one. This is why it is extremely important for manufacturers to localize the software in order to create a ‘connect’ with the end user.

The localization of software holds a great importance as these software can be a source of revenue generation for the firm. Localizing your software lends your business the opportunity to enter the global stage, allowing it to be locally, culturally and linguistically relevant to global markets.

Our Software Localization Services

1: Localization for Desktop Applications

At, we believe in delivering quality and efficiency while helping you to reach international audience with our comprehensive localization services in over 120 languages. In order to deliver a seamless and effective consumer experience to our global customers, we make sure all desktop applications are localized and translated without any glitches and hassles, on top of being delivered on time.

Our vast network of subject matter experts will aid you with all translation processing in programming in HTML, PHP, ASP, C, C++, Java and other machine languages. Our localization services for desktop applications revolutionizes the way companies localize their applications for international release.

2: Localization for Web Applications

When it comes to localizing software for international audience, desktop applications are not the only applications we localize. The expert linguists and language experts of ensure all web applications of our valued clients are localized and translated in over 120 global languages for a hassle-free transition in the global world.

Not only that, our agile web application localization solution employs an incremental approach in order to make the whole localization process an easy one. Our translation model is especially designed to deliver quick, professional and efficient localization solutions for web applications so that our valued clients can gain the advantages of globalization like never before.

3: Localization for Mobile Applicatons

The translation and localization of mobile applications is one of the most difficult, yet extremely important areas of software localization. offers a comprehensive and professional approach to localization of mobile applications for a hassle-free transition into the global world. Our vast network of translators are subject matter experts with a thorough knowledge of all software programming.

Not only that, they are adept at localizing user interface of software as well as localizing digital content for a greater access to international applications users. With as your translation partner, you don’t have to worry about your mobile applications as they will be handled expertly by our subject matter experts and linguists.

4: Customized Software Localization Solutions

Delivering quality and professional software localization solutions involve more than just localizing software for international audience. Each application or software has to be localized while keeping the cultural and linguistic features of the target market in mind.

This requires an expert and professional approach to localization that is only possible through adoption of a customized approach for every client. With our subject matter experts and software translation professionals, following this customized approach becomes an easy task as they are not only adept at handling of all projects, but are equally proficient in adapting software user interface in over 120 global languages.

5: Graphical User Interface Localization

One of the most important steps in the globalization of software is the localization of graphical user interface (GUI), as localization of user interface includes translation of text strings, adjustment of interface layout and software features according to the target language and culture.

At, we can make localization of your graphical user interface an easy task. Our translation management tools includes built-in terminology system that ensures a smooth translation consistency and efficiency. Not only that, our translation platform also has the additional features of choosing your own subject matter expert for localization of your user interface so that you don’t have to face any issues in localization process.

6: Multimedia Localization is trusted by international customers around the globe as we deliver high-quality and professional software localization solutions, irrespective of the international languages. Our localization of multimedia content include localization of all multimedia services such as graphics, subtitles, voiceovers, and other software elements in order to deliver successful software localization.

We deliver end-to-end solutions for a comprehensive and efficient software localization services for a hassle-free transition into the global world. We understand that video editing has to be done according to the needs and cultural requirements of the target audience which is why our multimedia localization solutions are not just limited to adaptation but also a thorough testing and post-translation process.

7: Localization Testing

For delivering a holistic and comprehensive localization support, it is vital to test the localized product. At, we ensure that the quality of localized application or software matches the quality of the source product.

This is why our expert linguists double check the translated software, taking special care to verify each translated feature and text line. Once localized, the software is also tested on multiple platforms to ensure smooth operation of the translated software. After double-checking of the translated software is carried out, testing for ensuring a smooth layout is carried out. Not only that, we have a comprehensive system of examining the localized software for resolving any issues.

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CTS believes in delivering comprehensive, error-free and agile software localization services for all its customers, irrespective of the language and industry type. Our network of subject matter experts and software localization professionals are spread over 100 different countries, who take special care to deliver localization and translation solutions in over 120 languages and 260 language pairs.

From providing translated software solutions in Chinese Mandarin to delivering translated software text in French language, we have it all covered so our valued clients can introduce their translated software to the global audience without any problems or issues for revenue generation and international acclaim.

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