Chinese Document Translation Services

The Chinese language is one of the most spoken languages in the world. At, our professional Chinese translation services for documents ensure your documents in Chinese language are translated efficiently, professionally, and accurately in over 120 global languages.

Backed by ISO 9001:2008 certifications and quality standards, helps the global companies achieve globalization with professional documents translation services designed to cater to a diverse range of industries. From legal and healthcare to academic and entertainment, our professional documents translators make sure your documents are accurately translated to make your global journey a success.

ChinesDocument Translation Services
Common Documents We Translate
  • Data Sheets
  • Technical Manuals
  • Users Guides
  • Training Materials
  • System Requirement Documents
  • Websites
  • Safety Reports
  • Labels
  • Patents
  • Installation Instructions
  • Marketing Materials
  • Service Manuals
  • Software and Hardware UI
  • Tender Documents
  • Technical Brochures

We Are an ISO Certified Company

When it comes to delivering professional translation solutions, quality plays the foremost role. At, we believe in delivering professional and efficient translation services for documents of all nature, backed by ISO 9001:2008 certifications.

Not only that, our professional linguists ensure your documents are fully translated and localized for international markets through quality checks and re-checks after the tasks are completed. We are a leading documents translation company, helping the world’s companies embrace globalization through documents translation services in over 120 languages.

Our Document Translation Services

1: Technical Documents Translation

Accuracy and speed are the cornerstones of our professional translation services at, which is why our documents translation services cater to documents of all nature, such as technical documents. The translation of technical documents and texts is an essential service that many companies seek as part of their globalization strategy.

We understand the critical nature of these technical translations, which is why our professional translators for technical documents ensure no technical detail is missed in the process of translation from one language to another. They are subject matter experts in translating of all documents of technical nature such as installation and user manuals, engineering documents, descriptions and technical data sheets.

2: Business Documents Translation

Big companies and small businesses alike aim for a global expansion in these times of economic revolution. Consequently, it is no surprise that many of them take the first step towards globalization by hiring the services of a reliable translation and localization partner.

At, our top quality assurance measures and standards ensure all business documents and files are translated thoroughly and precisely without leaving any detail out. Backed by the support of professional linguists who can translate in over 120 different languages, these business translations include services for important documents such as marketing plans, contracts, agreements, and corporate files.

3: Financial Documents Translation

A company’s monetary and financial management is the ultimate progress report of that firm in the market. This is the reason the translation of financial documents and files hold such an importance for those companies which have an eye on the global stage.

At, our expert and professional documents translators for financial documents understand the critical need of translating them accurately and precisely, and they leave no stone unturned in ensuring all the sensitive and important information in these financial files are translated professionally and consistently, taking care to deliver quality and reliability. The financial documents these expert linguists translate are financial statements, balance sheets, income reports and financial plans.

4: Medical Documents Translation

The field of medical and health sciences is a vast one. Not surprisingly, pharmacies and medical businesses across the world choose a reliable translation solution when they aim for globalization. The expert medical documents translators and linguists of understand the complexities and difficulties involved in the translation of medical files and records.

This is why they have an efficient and professional system of translating complex medical records and files in order to help these medical companies go global and capture international customers. Some of the medical documents that these expert medical linguists translate are patient files, medical records, surgical procedures documents and prescriptions.

5: Legal Documents Translation

Delivering translation services are not an easy task, but perhaps the most difficult field that requires precision and accuracy in translation is the legal field. knows the critical nature of translating complex legal files and documents containing sensitive information that is not only hard to translate, but also needs to be delivered on time.

This is the reason our expert and professional translators for the legal field are adept at handling translations of all legal documents and files, delivering precise and accurate translations for litigation, immigration documents, summons, legal certifications, patents, witness statements, proposals and court proceeding files.

6: Academic Documents Translation

At, the expert and professional linguists aim for delivering a hassle-free and effective translation solution for all its projects and documents. The translations of academic files and documents are no exception. The efficient and professional approach of these expert linguists who deliver translations in over 120 global languages ensure the global academic companies and institutes do not lag behind in the race to go global.

Backed by ISO 9001:2008 certifications and quality standards, these translation services for the academic industry ensures students across the world benefit from these academic services. We translate books, papers, journals, research papers and transcripts.

7: Personal Documents Translation prides itself in delivering efficient, professional and quick translation solutions for all industries, backed by quality standards and procedures, irrespective of the content size and nature of business. This is true for translations of personal documents as well where our expert linguists and language experts take special care to deliver translations of personal documents and files efficiently and before the due date is over.

This is the reason many international companies as well as individual customers rely on us to deliver them precise translations of their personal documents such as birth and death certificates, passports, identification cards, drivers’ licenses, and diplomas.

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Delivering professional and efficient translation solutions is our motto at Since its inception 17 years ago, we have been delivering precise translation solutions to our customers irrespective of the nature of industry and business. This is why our comprehensive and professional translation solutions span over a diverse array of industries and content types, covering translations in over 120 global languages and 260 language pairs.

Be it Chinese, French, Portuguese, or Russian, we ensure all your content is translated efficiently, precisely and professionally without any hassle in order to help you in your global journey to success.

Supported File Formats

At, we can translate documents in any format of customer’s choice. This is because our professional and accurate documents translation services are backed by our efficient translation management system that automates the translation process, ensuring a comprehensive and professional support in documents translation, irrespective of the file format.

Our professional document translation experts and linguists are adept in delivering translation in diverse formats including Microsoft Office (XLSX, DOCX, and PPTX), text files (CSV, TXT, and RTF) and Adobe Files (IDML, INDD).

Our Best Features

Our expert business translation services are designed to lend you innumerable benefits. Some of these are:

Best Pricing

We pride ourselves in providing professional business translation services that are not only reliable but cost-effective as well. Our competitive prices start from as low as $0.05/word, with no extra or hidden charges.
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6000+ Translators

Our professional team of more than 6000 expert translators delivers multilingual translation solution that leaves no stone unturned in making your international transition possible. We support 120+ Languages.
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Fastest Turnaround

We believe in providing high-quality translation services in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, we have all the necessary steps in place in case you require emergency project delivery.
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