Chinese Translation Services in Manila

Manila, the capital of Philippines, is a highly urbanized city located on an island Luzon. Having a huge population of more than 1.75 million people, this city boasts of a robust and well-developed business and commercial economy. According to demographic statistics, Manila consists of a population that is made up entirely of Filipinos. The largest single foreign community, representing almost one-tenth of the total population is Chinese. This makes Manila the ideal place for Chinese companies to expand and grow their business. ensures these companies can enter the Manila market easily, with professional and expert Chinese translation services unlike any other.

Why Choose Us?

Chinese businesses and companies today are on the constant lookout for a chance to expand outside their current market. This decision, owing to the wave of globalization has propelled these companies to seek opportunities in densely populated metropolitan cities like Manila, which is an ideal market for development and growth. Realizing this, provides professional and expert Chinese translation services to businesses irrespective of the nature of business. Our quick and affordable Chinese translation services, backed by high quality standards and handled by professional Chinese translators ensure your business can claim a favorable spot in Manila, for greater revenues and greater profits.

Chinese Website Translation Services in Manila

While it is true that the internet has opened up infinite possibilities for growth and development, not many companies are able to take advantage of it owing to the limitations their websites face. To ensure your websites are fully adapted for global markets, has a professional and accurate website translation process in place. We understand that it is important to ensure your website contains all the right elements for attracting the global viewers, especially the ones residing in the populous and lucrative market of Manila. In translating your websites in Chinese for the Philippines market, our process contains adaptation of website elements, linguistic change as well as post-translation testing for ensuring high quality.

Chinese Document Translation Services in Manila

The translation of documents is a vital part of the globalization process, especially for companies seeking to expand abroad in other markets. The populous city of Manila, with its Chinese residents, is a highly lucrative market for businesses. Understanding the need of document translation and localization, our highly qualified document translation experts are adept at handling translations in Chinese language, while retaining the original meaning of the texts. From translating documents for the engineering sector, to adapting medical files and research papers, we ensure your documents are fully translated for the Chinese market in Manila, in order to make your transition possible for multiplied revenues and sales.

Chinese Game Localization Services

The games market is one of the biggest and fastest-developing markets of the world, with China as the leader in games market. This is the reason games developers target the Chinese population and market for a chance to build up their customer base. The Chinese population in Manila is also a lucrative market for these games developer, which is why game developers across the world want to reach out to this population. Our fast and accurate game localization service is especially adapted to suit the preferences of the Chinese game players in Manila, with advanced localization tools, testing and quality checks to ensure a smooth and error-free localization of your games.

Chinese Software Localization Services

Like the games and websites audience, the market for software is a rapidly growing and potential market for growth in Manila. The world now relies on software and apps to make their products known across the borders and companies wanting to expand into Manila are no exception. To aid your company in reaching out to the Chinese software users in Manila, our highly advanced, yet affordable software localization process contains a thorough adaptation procedure that localizes all software elements according to the target culture and preferences. Not only that, our post-localization software testing process ensures your software is fully adapted for the Chinese market in order to lend you the global edge you seek.

Industries We Serve

Granted, the process of translation and localization may be a tough and difficult task, but with the right translation partner at your disposal, this process can become easy. At, we understand that not all sectors of industries are easy to expand into, especially the technological and engineering sector, but with the right localization tools, we make that possible in no time. Our comprehensive and professional translation services are no just limited to one industry, but caters to all types of industries, such as engineering, medical, advertising, business, legal, entertainment, technological, and mining. In lending our services for all these industries, we ensure your company does not stay behind in the race for global growth and development.

Our Affordable Pricing Structure

Globalization and global expansion is one of the top aims of many industries these days, and while it is true that they are expanding beyond their native markets, managing costs and finances are one of the major concerns they face when doing so. In this process, a translation company that delivers high-quality translation services and solutions along with affordable rates is hard to find. We, at are aware of these concerns, which is why our professional localization and translation process is very affordable and easy to manage, with prices starting from as low as $0.04, for a hassle-free transition into the global market.

High Quality Translation Process at Your Service

When companies expand beyond their current market and make the decision of hiring the services of translation and localization partners, one thing they often overlook is quality. The quality of translated content needs to be high in order to make the whole process an error-free one. Our professional Chinese translators are aware of the importance of quality in the localization and translation process, which is why our translation process contains multiple points for ensuring quality. is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, with high quality standards and measures in place for guaranteeing high quality. In addition, we have a comprehensive quality assessment procedure in place to ensure your content is fully adapted for the target markets without any errors.

Our Expert Team

We, at understand that a company is made up of its teams and employees, especially if that company is responsible for executing the tough task of translation and localization. Our professional and highly expert translation team comprises of a huge number of more than 6000 translation experts who belong to 100 different regions and are experts in their native tongues. These professional translators do not just make it to our company easily, instead they are required to undergo a thorough examination process to ensure they are professional enough to handle all types of content expertly and professionally.

Reach Out to the Chinese Customer in Manila Today

Translation may be a tough task but with as your translation partner, it can be a quiet easy one. Don’t miss the chance to reach out to the Chinese customer in Manila. Choose as your translation partner and step into the global world today.

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Chinese Business Etiquettes: 5 Tips to Do Business in China

In this day and age, the technological revolution and the changing population structure has given rise to globalization efforts from companies. As the trade restrictions between nations relax and the idea of “taking business global” gains momentum, companies are eyeing economically lucrative regions like China to expand business into. Today, China is the country that businesses from across the world have recognized as the one that they absolutely have to figure out how to invest into.

And They Have Plenty of Good Reasons to Do So.

The Chinese economy is the second-largest economy in the world by GDP which is estimated to be 14.25 trillion USD in 2019. Moreover, it is one of the fastest-growing economies, with annual growth rates of approximately 6%. That being said, the Chinese consumer has less debt to pay off and more money to spend—and ideal combination as far as businesses are concerned.

If you are one of the companies recognizing the need for business expansion in this technological and commercial giant, you may be aware of the linguistic and cultural differences you might face. This is why we have drawn up some business etiquettes that you must know when doing business in China.

Tip # 1: Go Well Prepared for Your Meeting

It is common knowledge that the Chinese are often very detail-oriented individuals. They have most probably done their research on your company before the meeting and you should do the same. In doing so, be mindful of the Lunar Calendar that is followed by the Chinese population as some days are considered “prosperous” and “lucky”, as well as the Chinese New Year holidays that has almost a week-long celebration. Being considerate of the dates will help you to arrange a meeting accordingly. The Chinese culture also emphasizes on the importance of color—while the red color is associated with prosperity, white color symbolizes purity, as well as death.

Doing your research before conversing with the Chinese business partners will be a sign that you are well-prepared for the meeting, which is essential for giving a good impression on them. Moreover, in this way you will not face any embarrassment in front of the Chinese businessmen, making it easy for you to communicate your demands.

Tip #2: Anticipate Language Differences

When making a business deal it is always important to anticipate the other party’s interests and preferences beforehand. This is why you have to check whether the Chinese people you are meeting speak English or not. If no, you have to hire the expert services of a reliable Chinese translation service. In doing so, ensure any additional material such as business cards and notes are also translated into the Chinese language. Get these materials translated before the meeting to avoid any embarrassment and misunderstanding. Remember, it is always better to translate your materials in English as the people you are meeting may know how to converse in English but their bosses and higher-rank businessmen who have to finalize the deals might not.

Tip # 3: Adapt Your Sales Pitch the Chinese Way

A sales pitch involves more than just selling a product or service to an audience. A successful salesperson or businessman knows how to adapt a sales pitch for the target audience. He understands that he isn’t merely selling a list of features, but a solution that would solve a customer’s problems. While adapting your sales pitch for the Chinese audience, remember that it is not just about the presentation that you give, it involves adaptation of website, software and advertising content according to Chinese preferences and culture. Adapt your website by optimizing for search engines that are familiar to the Chinese audience such as Baidu. In addition, localize your marketing content by carefully observing the buying and purchasing trends of the Chinese population—in other words, understanding what makes them tick, both on traditional and social media platforms.

Tip # 3: Adapt Your Sales Pitch the Chinese Way

The importance of “not losing face” in Chinese culture is one of the most overlooked ones. Never losing face means to keep your reputation intact when trying to set up a communication with the Chinese people. To save face, avoid sarcasm, self-deprecating attitude, open criticism, negative remarks, and unnecessary comments. Although these things are never appreciated in the West and other countries as well, the Chinese are particularly sensitive about these and therefore, it is more important to save face in front of the Chinese business counterparts when closing a business deal. Stay respectful and mindful of your attitude when dealing with the Chinese, as these things are used to derive an impression about you and ultimately your business proposition. Saying that you “value” the meetings will make them more open and courteous to you, aiding you in communication and collaboration with them.

Tip # 5: Expect Response After the Meeting

As mentioned above, the Chinese value relationships based on courtesy and respect more than other nations. This is why it is important to understand that after the meeting is over, you have to give them space and time to consider the implications of the business deal and proposition. Don’t rush to conclusions, nor force them to close the business deal as Chinese are not in favor of “hurrying” the business deal process. It is not advisable to expect the Chinese to immediately give in to your demands just after one meeting, as that is not going to happen in the majority of the cases. Instead, expect them to consider the terms and conditions of the business deal carefully and wait for them to respond before finalizing the deal.

The Last Word

The Chinese are one of the most cooperative, but careful observers when it comes to making or closing a business deal. The Chinese population, too, has its own preferences that are very different from the rest of the world which is extremely important to tap into. This is because China is the economic giant that could make your business soar to new heights. It is, therefore, vital to keep in mind some etiquettes that would make sure your business deals are closed successfully. In addition, to fully prepare yourself for the Chinese market, you need to hire the services of a professional and reliable Chinese translation service that understands the Chinese cultures, language, and demands as that would be akin to taking the final step into the huge Chinese market. Remember, the Chinese market is one of the most lucrative ones, missing out on capturing the Chinese customer can make you miss out on many growth opportunities for your business.

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