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As the world economy expands and grows, the revolution in the popularity of apps has risen substantially. The app economy is expected to double in size to $189 billion by 2020. Moreover, it will undoubtedly grow at an exponential rate after that. This rate of growth means the international market for apps is feasible for businesses across the world.
To take advantage of this global app growth, a business needs not only a localization solution but also a localization partner which can make the global journey an easy one for you. With our expert localization solutions, we assure you a seamless and accurate localization for your apps—the easy and hassle-free way.

Why You Need App Localization Services?

Are you business-owning apps and software seeking global growth and expansion? Are you in need of a greater audience and more sales for your apps? If so, limiting yourself to just one geographical region can make you lose sales as well as an audience.
This is why you need comprehensive and expert app localization services. It will make your business reach new heights of fame in other countries and regions. A good app localization partner can do wonders for your apps by localizing and adapting them to suit the culture, choices, and preferences of the target audience.

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We provide localization services in more than 120 languages in order to enable you to achieve international sales and brand recognition in any region, country, or language of your choice, at cost-effective rates, high quality, and minimal time.

Android App Localization

When it comes to localizing your android apps, a good localization partner is a must-have. Android is functional on innumerable devices in many regions across the world. In fact, it is the most popular operating system after iOS. This is why it is so important to localize and adapt it according to the target market preferences and choices.

To ensure that your Android apps reach the maximum number of users, they should be localized in a way so as to handle text, audio files, and graphics according to the target culture. At Chinese Translation Services, we ensure your Android apps are localized expertly and professionally without any hassle.

IOS App Localization

Did you know that over 5 million apps exist on Android and iOS mobile stores in recent times? With only 20% of the entire world population speaking English, localization of apps is not a choice but a necessity. The iOS operating system is the most popular one among the international audience. This is why iOS apps need to be localized according to the preferences of each region’s audience.

With as your localization partner, you get consistent and constant localization support. Also, our expert and professional localization experts and linguists ensure that all your iOS apps are adapted for a global reach across the world.

Desktop App Localization

Mobile apps may have overtaken other apps in recent times. But desktop apps are still one of the most popular ones. In fact, users frequently install and remove desktop apps on a regular basis. The vast popularity of these desktop apps makes localization a necessity. The professional localization experts of are adept at handling all desktop apps, be it games, entertainment, or office apps.
We know how to localize your apps for the target market by adjusting the format, size, and icons of your desktop apps in the most efficient and professional way. Also, we let you grab international sales and revenues by providing you with the best localization solution in order to equip you with the ability to multiply your global revenues and sales.

Web App Localization

According to estimates, app users across the world spend approximately 2 hours every day surfing through the plethora of mobile, web, and desktop apps. This is a staggering number, given the surge in popularity of apps these days. Web apps are one of the most popular apps. Therefore, their localization needs to be accurate and professional to suit the choices and cultural preferences of the target audience. is a reliable app localization company. We make sure to localize your web apps according to the target market and culture. The more localized your web apps are, the greater are the chances of them getting more attention from the global audience.

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At, we believe in delivering professional localization services while keeping the quality of your projects consistent. Backed by ISO 9001:2008 certification and quality standards, we translate and localize all your apps without any glitches or errors.  Moreover, we maintain a holistic approach by delivering our app localization services to all types of industries.
Whether you belong to the medical, entertainment, or engineering field, we have got you covered with our comprehensive localization solution. We are here for constant localization support for your global expansion needs. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your apps. With us on your side, you can grab international sales and revenues.

120+ Supported Languages delivers quality translation services. We serve all customers, irrespective of the language and nature of business. This is the reason our customers rely on us for consistent and error-free app localization services. Moreover,  we keep all the cultural and regulatory requirements of global audiences and regions in perspective for all our services.

We understand that language plays a critical role in global expansion. Therefore, our localization process is designed to cater to more than 120 global languages and 260 language pairs. Being the best app localization agency, we offer support in so many languages and ensure your apps can compete in the global market. Simply put, we lend you the globalization support you need for international revenues and sales.

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